our ethos

Art for good. Art to create. Art for change.

our statement

Falling Down

Creative action is the best kind of action. Everything we do centers around the word 'create' - new shows, workshops, touring, talent development, music; the list goes on!


When our directors were students, they were lucky enough to work with companies that nurtured their talent and allowed them to develop. Now, we want to do the same. We specifically aim to work with early-career artists and undergraduate students to help develop their professional skills.  


We aim to ensure that StormCloud is an accessible and inclusive company. This ranges from ensuring a disability-safe workplace, an inclusive and open-armed practice, and focusing on working with those who are from working-class backgrounds. 

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For those involved with StormCloud, we want to ensure they come away with an experience they can use and learn from. This includes our actors, creatives, and especially our audiences.  

Perhaps the overarching ethos - to leave a positive impact on the world. Whether that be through supporting young artists, making work to make people think, or just offering a safe place for people to just be.