Friday 6pm, Saturday 4pm, Sunday 3pm

The Lawn Stage - Tickets £5/£7

After a successful run at last year’s festival with their award winning adaptation ‘Midsummer Weekender’, StormCloud Arts & Theatre are back!

This year, we are bringing an abridged modern language adaptation of Shakespeare's beloved romantic comedy, ‘Much Ado About Nothing’,


Set in the 1940s after the end of the Second World War, our story follows the returning soldier Benedick as he battles with anti-war landgirl Beatrice. Amongst the backdrop of their humid quarreling, young soldier Claudio falls for Beatrice's gentler cousin Hero. The promise of new love and the safe return of the men calls for dances and parties full of wine and shenanigans. A cunning plot soon unfurls to bring Beatrice and Benedick together, whilst a darker plot arises to keep Claudio and Hero apart.  This production involves plenty of live music, dance numbers, and quick fire comedy.

Tickets to be announced shortly...


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