Scratch Shakespeare

Competition 2018

Winner of the Best Directed Award

StormCloud Arts & Theatre, Midsummer Weekender

The Scratch Shakespeare Competition is a prestigious performance competition run by the Theatre Royal Winchester and the University of Winchester. 

Midsummer Weekender was a re-contextualised adaptation of Shakespeare's 'A Midsummer night's Dream'. The show was set at a festival, and the stage adorned with tents, rucksacks, and beer cans, setting the show in the here and now. This adaptation focused on the story of the four Lovers, and merged Shakespeare's writing with modernisms and current music. The show also featured original music, performed by the cast themselves. 

Helena - Lucie Stranack

Hermia - Sally Parker

Lysander - Matt Clarke

Demetrius - Max Robertson

Ensemble - Michelle Dabenett, Angharad Warren, Rory Blincow, & Rosie Lewis


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