biscuit barrel.png

The biscuit barrel

Edinburgh Fringe favourites, and masters of the quick-fire sketch show.

Collaboration? StormCloud created their original theme song!

foot in the door.jpg

foot in the door theatre

A group of creatives performing old stories, new stories, & the successful web-series From Mansfield With Love.

Collaboration? Our directors have been performing with them in shows since 2014, including The Tempest & As You Like It

wise and wayward.jpg

wise + wayward theatre

Gloucester based, telling traditional tales & performing works of Shakespeare.

Collaboration? Sounds & Sweet Airs; a Shakespeare inspired folk-music performance

kerryanne hewlett

Choreographer, dancer, artist & puppeteer based in Winchester, Hampshire. 

Collaboration? Kerryanne was the choreographer for our 1940's inspired production of Much Ado About Nothing

r.e. burke (aka birdqueeen)

South Wales based author and illustrator with a flair for fantasy and graphic novels.

Collaboration? Birdqueeen created our fantastic logo!


Alex Denley Spencer

Hampshire based artist, writer, comedian, actor, musician, and general creative being!

Collaboration? Pre-project support, including proof reading scripts and being the world's best sounding board


creatives & Artists